The MCL Guarantee…
Based upon your management Team's presented problem, MCL will produce a high-level process flow and a estimate of potential savings at no cost to you.

Following the completion of MCL's Free Consultation, based upon our initial assessment, your company's senior management team will make a Go Forward decision to purchase MCL's flat-fee Business Process Audit ™.
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The Business Process Audit is an Excel
Workbook used to collect your company's
pertinent process and business data. The
accuracy of the data collected will form the
foundation upon which MCL issues its Savings
Opportunity Assessment (SOA) ™.

MCL will presents the SOA findings to your
company’s senior management team.  

The SOA will include:

•  All of the identified annualized savings
opportunities, and MCL’s recommendations to
achieve those savings.
•  A key skill-set assessment of your
company’s management and staff, based upon
our interactions with your company, and a road
map to self-sufficiency.
•  A proposed mutually-binding, performance-
based, contract for your company’s
consideration; a Savings Project Plan (SPP).
•  A Way-Forward to achieve the identified
savings opportunities, without MCL.
•  A MCL waiver, giving your company
permission to use your SPP to implement in
any way your company may choose, should
our offer be declined.
Should your company accept our proposed SPP:
ü  MCL will guarantee an annualized savings of at least three (3) times your SPP investment; i.e., a guaranteed Return-on-Investment
(ROI) of at least 200% of the cost of MCL’s services.

ü  The cost of MCL’s services will be capped so that any additional annualized savings exceeding the original guaranteed dollar amount,
will be cost free. In other words, MCL will not invoice you for any additional savings the SPP may achieve.

ü  Assuming that all mutual conditions of the SPP are met, in the remote possibility that the projected SPP annualized savings fall short
of MCL’s guaranteed ROI, MCL will either:

    °  Continue working without additional compensation until the ROI is reached,


    °  Refund a portion of MCLs compensation, proportionate to the ROI shortfall.

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