MCL Business Mentoring Program
MCL believes in the strength of community.

Our community is the world of business, specifically small and medium-size companies who may not be able to afford to hire a business or management consultant professional to guide and assist them in solving their specific, short-term business problem or need.

MCL offers business mentoring to small and medium-sized businesses needing limited advice and mentoring in the following areas:

•  Business Process / Transformation and Time Studies
•  Program / Project Support and Risk Analysis
•  Vendor and Subcontractor Support
•  Business and Data Analysis
•  Data Normalization and Data Scrubbing
•  Business, System and Gap Analysis
•  Operations Research
•  ITIL and IT Governance
•  Organizational Change Management
•  Knowledge Management by Collaboration ...and many more functional and operational area.  See, About Us.

See J. Ogdon Armour’s often cited 1921 inspirational message, “Too Busy to Improve”.  See Menu.

Business owners interested in receiving free business mentoring for up to 13-weeks should send detailed company and problem information to MCL Business Mentoring Program for consideration.

Individuals interested in becoming MCL & Associates' Mentors must be first-level LinkedIn contacts with MCL. See Menu.

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