Fifty percent of all small businesses fail within the first four years

The goal of the Small Business Transition Blog Site is to improve the small business owner's odds of business survival with tips, links and tools focused on the needs of the small business owners improving their efficiency and productivity.

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03/22/2017:Suboptimization Revisited: redefining the business lifecycle
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11/01/2015: The Order of the Silver Bullet
09/01/2015: Managing and Leading: What's the Difference
03/29/2015: Better Business Insights: understanding your business data
03/22/2015: Small Business “Coaches”: Solution or Snake-Oil?
03/01/2015: “Shark Tank”: Neither Symptom or Cause
02/06/2015: In God We Trust; all others must bring valid data
01/06/2015: The High Risk of Small Business Tunnel Vision
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Becoming a Small Business Card-Counter

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