Our Virtual Coaching Services: vBTTS
MCL & Associates (MCL) introduces: our Virtual Business Coaching / Transition / Transformation
Services (vBTTS). This new service gives you  access to MCL’s business transition and business
transformation expertise, either on-site or remote, so you can achieve your  business goals more
quickly, efficiently, and economically.

We become your virtual Coaching / Transition  / Transformation Architect, providing the guidance
and expertise you need-when you need it. vBTTS works with your staff at whatever level
of assistance and pace that is right for your organization.

Applying experience gained from companies and enterprises across a wide range of
businesses, industries, and government organizations, MCL will ensure that
your Business Transition / Transformation efforts are optimized and aligned with your strategic

vBTTS is an effective way to begin or supplement an organization’s development of an Business
Transformation strategy and implementation. By leveraging MCL’s demonstrated success and
collective  experiences, MCL can help your organization focus on projects and
priorities that will quickly bring the most value to your bottom  line.

Your organization will decrease costs with a best practices approach to Business Transition and
Business Transformation  as well as the ability to use MCL’s resources virtually instead of
maintaining a fully-staffed cadre of in-house experts.

vBTTS provides the best of both worlds: an on-site presence when you need it, and efficient, low-
cost business coaching to achieve your transition and business transaction business goals.

For more information about MCL or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us at the
e-mail link (below), or call us at:

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